New Bonuses Agreed

We saw the twisted logic in the paper the other day in that Ashley allegedly offered a £20m bonus to the players if the club won The FA Cup.

Aside from the initial thoughts that it was another PR effort from Bishop and co or that if £20m was actually spent on the squad then chances of actually doing so would increase, it still left the fact that the bonus issue was unresolved.

Today sees clarification that the bonus sheet has been signed off with most of the media saying it's sorted after Ashley phoned Lascelles to sort it once and for all.

True or not, it just continues to show that aside from Ashley, the rest of his 'generals' are a waste of space as more often than not, if it's not Ashley getting involved to seal a transfer deal sharpish, it's stuff like this although most of us still have the ideology that it's Ashley's final say that puts a spanner in the works anyway.

As it is though, the players have agreed on a £4m kitty to be shared if they avoid relegation by finishing 17th. Each place above that which sees the club earn £2m per place, sees the players share half.

Even finishing 10th would see the club earn £22m prize money but in a new bonus deal it would be £11m each. 9th would see £12m each and so on with a top 4 spot being worth £17m each.

Doing a Leicester would see £20m into the player's fund.


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Kind of a double-edged sword;

If Rafa can 'have every penny the club generates', then whatever the players get in bonuses will spur them on to achieve more this season; Rafa would lose from transfer budget.

Personally, I like the players being rewarded for what they achieve.

Just like tubby to trust Rafa more and give him a lump sum to work with, on top of what the club can bring in.


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Well, it's clearly aimed at (finally) ending the club's trophy wait. So will be interesting to see how these games pan-out.

Fatty also said he ain't leaving until the club has won something - I take this as another hint that he'd like to sell up, albeit after finally winning something.

The will of the players should be there, if it's to be believed. Then it's down to the luck of the draw - meaning we'll get top-half Premier League teams from round 3 onwards.

I think fatty will be gone by the start of next season.
I think Ashley will only leave if he has to either financially or through ill health/death.

On that score I think he's potentially here for up to the next 20 years.


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I think quality of life matters more than money.

He has all the money he'll ever need and more in his bank account, so why would he want something around his neck that he doesn't enjoy anymore? It's clearly a ball-ache to him, and to everyone else who following the club.

He'd like to win something, so he can say he owned the club when it happened, to say 'it was me that enabled it' - but even this has limited appeal.

I'm sure he'll be gone soon enough - within a year all being well.

We've then got to hope whoever owns the club next, understands what it's about and is willing to invest. I think Rafa is of that view, too.