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New away kit revealed.


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It seems that the Footy Headlines mock-ups were correct then. That means that the home shirt should look something like one of these, but with the new sponsor on (they weren't sure if it has black pinstripes or not...)

homeleak1.jpg homeleak2.jpg


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I do like the new away shirt especially the lack of pink in it but I like this better it’s the new Sheffield FC away shirt I’d be more than happy with something similar
It looks more like a rugby shirt than a football one, but I like it all the same.

Are you sure we haven't SBT, I seem to remember a blue/purple away shirt but
I could have dreamt it?

The 93-95 away kit. I know having a blue away kit was controversial at the time, but this is still one of my favourite Blades shirts :love:


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I have one of those “Laver” blue and green shirts too, SirRod.
Very surprisingly, I can still get in it - though it is a bit tighter than it used to be!
A ”classic” IMO. :love::love:

P.S. I also have the Hobbot brown and yellow striped “masterpiece”.