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I have just started my free month trial. I have to say very impressed with it. Used it on my tablet, PS3 and TV and it is great. Anyone else got it, your thoughts? Also any shows I should be checking out?


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i've got sky go which allows me to download movies... or anyother programmes i want to see. so i havent really bothered with netflix.

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found it amazing start to finish wurzel, been a follower since it was first on FX, then we lost it in the UK so 3-4 I had on dvd and just sold on ebay when finished. Quality is high throughout.

I'm the same Lee, there is a limit to how many different ways you can get your tv and sky cater for my needs ok!


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how much is netflix a month?... and do you download the films to your phone or do they go onto the app?

also one more question.... am i able to link my phone up to the tv and watch netflix?


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£5.99 a month, cheap as chips, it is all live streaming, no downloads. If you have a smart TV there is an app, if not your PS3 & possibly xbox have.


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I was really disappointed with Netflix and Lovefilm, didn't take either up.

Maybe I was expecting too much, but when I got them I thought "right, a chance to catch up with all my favourite movies".

So searched for Star Wars - nothing, searched for Star trek - nothing, searched for Rocky - nothing, then basically searched for everything I could think of, from Grease - Dangerous Minds - all the rom com films like Love Actually - nothing !.

I then went for TV shows - Blackadder - nothing ! , Auf Weidersein Pet - nothing, Porridge - nothing

You get my drift.

I thought it was crap. I honestly thought the whole point of it is it has basically every movie available - but thats if you did the postal service. The online only has a couple of hundred.

Very disappointed, and just cancelled them


We were Netflix customers for ages but stopped after the films got repetertive and not many blockbusters were put on we felt, but for drama's etc its good, Netflix is way better than Lovefilm imo


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ive decided against getting it... i think with sky go, tv catch up, bbc iplayer , 4'OD and itv player thats enough to be having on my phone.


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fair enough, although you get a month free to try it, so might be worth a look, also you can cancel at any time, there is no set length contract.
I have Netflix. It's ok but nothing great. Then again, it varies from country to country depending on what they licence. It may well be better in the UK than over here. I don't expect I will continue with it much longer. What with Android apps like TV Portal offering much of the same only free, even if it's a little less reliable, it offers a greater choice.