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Lorenzo Insigne:

"It's an unfair result for what we did. It is regrettable because we have put down the strongest team in Europe for much of the race.

"We always believe, however, I repeat, there is so much regret. At 2-2, their goalkeeper made a great save from Callejon, then we conceded the goal with Aguero. "
Sergio Aguero:

"I am very happy for this moment. I am happy because the team helped support me. This moment is one time.

"Napoli are a good team. Away in the Champions League is difficult. I'm happy to win and qualify. Every game, we play the same way."
Pat Nevin

Ex-Chelsea winger on Radio 5 live

Manchester City are ahead of Tottenham. They have every right to think they can finish in the final four of the Champions League.

We are going on about Tottenham a lot tonight and rightfully so but I still think Manchester City are the better team.

They have been phenomenal this season!

“We tried to block their left flank, but they got there first and were too strong, they massacred us for 20 minutes. I am glad with the way we reacted, especially after going to 2-2, as Bernardo Silva kept the ball and moved it around.

“I am so proud because I know the side we beat. I am in love with Napoli, with the way they make short passes and they didn’t give us time to think in the opening 20 minutes. We didn’t have the courage to play.

“We are very similar teams, we like to keep the ball and press, so whoever does that best is going to trouble the other side. I am very happy with the way we played after 2-2.

“Ederson made a decisive save on Callejon. Napoli are lethal on the left, with Hamsik, Ghoulam and Insigne. I told my players to find Jorginho’s flank and then spread the play, keep it away from Mertens. At times we managed it, at times we didn’t. In the first 20 minutes, we managed nothing at all.”

“Beating Napoli twice in two weeks is an incredible achievement. They are perhaps the best side I’ve faced in my career. “


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Spurs laudable beating of Spurs 3:1 has taken priority in the media but an unlikely source has said our result is more impressive. None other than Craig Bellamy.



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The oxygen will naturally be sucked out of the media world by the defeat of Real Madrid - credit to Spurs but I have been wondering how things would have been reported if the victories had been the other way around, i.e. Spurs winning in Napoli, City defeating RM. I do think they would be getting more credit for defeating the current stand out team in Serie A and one of the top form teams in Europe.

Hey ho. It may actually not even a bad thing to fly below the radar.

Well done to Pep and the players. Coached superbly with his selections vindicated and substitutions engineered perfectly. Congratulations to the players for not wilting, staying strong, backing themselves and taking their chances.

And of course huge respect to Sergio Agüero - a stunning achievement in a world of football that is so vastly different from the era when the record was last set. I am so pleased the goal was an important one and not the fifth in a six nil win. City Legend :021: :021: :021:

We are truly privileged to witness thisstandard offootball being played at our club (it must be eating the rags up inside to watch this when they have to suffer the chod served up by Maureen)


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Indeed Skoorb. I will add my own homage to my hero, the one and only Sergio Aguero.

What a player, what a man.

:021: :021: :021: :022:

I wasn't a fan of Bellamy before he came here, but he did a job for us, even when he left, he said he wished he had stayed and he gave us credit for the better win.

Beating real Madrid is one for the feather in the cap, but did we get the same when we thrashed Barcelona and we came from behind like we did last night.

Lorenzo Insigne:

"It's an unfair result for what we did. It is regrettable because we have put down the strongest team in Europe for much of the race.

No Lorenzo, you were brilliant for the first 20 mins until Danilo and The Dog got their match legs on. The assist from The Dog for the Equaliser was straight out of KDB 'crossing to perfection' book and the outrageous back heeled clearance from Danilo.

They kept telling us that no English team had gone there and won! Records are there to be broken and two more went last night.

Over the moon for Aguero, I doubt if it will be beaten in my life time and he will pile up the record with many more goals before he leaves.
Jermaine Jenas, said on BT Sport that he could not believe that Aguero had not been nominated for player of the year, It is worse that that JJ, he has never got in any of the PFA teams of the year ever.

Whilst this may sounds really like sour grapes and I/We had said it previously, had he played for Stretford or Liverpool, he would have been in the team every year
Colin Is The King - 2/11/2017 10:37

GREAT save by Ederson prior to the record breaker.
Agree that it was a great save but if it goes in it's one of them that keepers are criticised for not saving.