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My talented niece

Check out her YouTube clip below, and yes, the ukulele playing is poor but she is fully aware of that.........and before any dirty old men get any ideas, remember she's my niece and I have access to your IP addresses so I will hunt you down and kill you :17:

Do her a favour chaps, spread the clip around a bit to get her a few extra hits. Cheers! :35:



Vital Football Legend
Bedroom performances seem to be a feature of VV. Your niece's is much more coherent than the other ones. She's raising the standard already.


Sounds like them modern singers Lilly Allen and another one i can't think of her name, will give a like to the vid and add it to my youtube playlists that get viewed dude, hope she does well she has a nice soft voice good luck to her!


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Superb, as a fellow ukulele player (bit of a pisstake that as I'm shite and never get chance to practice) I can appreciate that as we'll as her lovely voice.