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My New Gym!


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heard claims of sexual harassment is being mooted around redditch builders union ....

"the things he wanted me to do for a pot of earl grey was terrible, we ended up going to cafe 5 miles away"


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Chuffed to bits, means I can train around my work and health/energy, will have time to split if I need !

Four Prep. One punch bag to batter, the one with round wood above is a speedball, great fun when you learn the technique. Next one (odd shape thing) is great for upper cuts and the one near the door (floor to ceiling one) is just excellent fun, takes plenty of co-ordination and speed. My favourite I think, just good fun way to exercise. Some position that one with the ball more in the middle but I don't understand that, much prefer it head height!

Loving the cable machine as well, very versatile bit of kit!


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steff_the_villan - 21/6/2013 21:20

:35: See you soon.
You're not recording another song are you?!! :10:

No, looking good JP, I echo skeggys comments and hope you get to spend lots of time and have lots of fun in there, and enjoy the rewards too. You've earned it.


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That looks great.

When you get used to those double cable frames you can do all sorts on them.

You can't watch the women in the gym though. You will have to video them at the gym and play it on a loop while you work out.