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My Jean Paintain.

Thomas Holte

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Jean died on 5th December 1971. She was my local girlfriend friend who worked at Lloyds bank Witton Circle.

An Aston girl from a lovely local family who we all loved deeply and I honestly thought we would share every day of the rest of our lives together. I was so fucked up mentally I had to leave Brum to start a new life in Bournemouth.

When I can I return to the UK to place flowers at her grave in Witton Cemetery.

I simply can't get over her needless death but life goes on for my family and children.

I think what I'm trying to say is cherish those close to you and enjoy every minute together.

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Thomas Holte

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Thank you for the kind words.

For Jean. And my "Distant lover!"......... One day we will together xxxxx

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It must be confusing at times for you and you must have a very understanding patient wife too.

You will wonder if she had lived how your life would have panned out! If you would have met your now wife, or had built a life with your girlfriend!

Statements and questions that you can't answer I know. When a person is taken so young there are always questions that can never be answered. Grief that cannot be processed.

At least when you are older, like David and I, I know I had met my one and only. I have closure in the sense of there are no wonders how life would have been. if that makes sense.

Take good care of yourself TH