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Muscular dystrophy


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Hello all.

I dont know how much you guys know about Muscular dystrophy, but it fucking sucks.
My wife had her younger brother taken by this horrific disease in his early 20's, after years of pain and suffering.

There is no cure.

You are born with the disease and over the course of 20 years (max) your body deteriorates until it finally gives up. You are completely aware of this as this disease does not affect your mental capacity, a truly terrifying proposition.

I have attached a video at the end of this post showing just how hard it is - waring, its very upsetting.

I know you must get fed up of people coming to you for money, and begging for sponsorship for dragon boat races, or marathons or whatever, but I know you lot and youre a fucking awesome bunch.

My wife, who carries the disease, but being female means it doesnt affect her in the same way, is trekking the full length of Hadrians wall to raise money and awareness of MD and really needs our help - If you knew Louise, you'd know just how difficult it will be to take on such a huge challenge, and how much it would mean to her, us and her family.

MD isnt a cool disease, it doesnt get the media hype that boob cancer or aids gets, most people have never heard of it, but as I said - There is no cure, no hope for anyone born with it.

Please, if you can, just spare anything, a fiver, a score, even just 1 pound for this cause and it will go a long way, and mean so much to so many people.
Gift aid means anything you give gets an extra boost from the government.

If you cant afford even a pound, please at least spread the word, you all have hundreds of friends on facebook, share it there, tell them to share it and lets try and get to that target.

Thank you so much for those who have already donated, we simply cant thank you enough, and thank you for taking the time to read this.

Here is the link, please, dont have that extra pint at the weekend, send a fiver to this fantastic cause and make yourself feel good.



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Incidently there was a guy accross the media last year taking legal action for his right to die and end his life. I am sorry I can't remember his name. I think he had the same illness as you are raising money and awareness for. Is that right?

When he was denied the right he stopped eating and died. So sad (old fashioned way)

Yes I had heard of the illness before. I wish you all well in what you do


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Just to bump the page:

My donation was rejected as I cant remember my 3 digit code thing and dont have my card with me - will do it later I promise.



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RosettaStoned - 20/6/2013 12:53

Thank you Kef, very much appreciated.

That chap was Tony Nicklinson, but no he didnt have MD, his issue was the result of a stroke I believe.
Your welcome

Ah right Yes I remember now. I thought it was the same as it had similar affects I think that his brain worked but his body didn't.

Thank you for that


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If any of you, are either of these, thank you so much for your donations.

make yourselves known, you deserve the adulation.


The Fear

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I donated considerably more than deano.

Well, 1p more anyway.

Still, it is now FACT that I am more generous than him.



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RosettaStoned - 20/6/2013 14:54


If any of you, are either of these, thank you so much for your donations.

make yourselves known, you deserve the adulation.

I`ll admit to being one of the above purely so I can bring this back to the top.


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You're more than welcome mate, I'm sure Louise will surpas her target easily. Pulled on my heart strings knowing how it's directly affected your family, and what a terrible condition it is. A mate of my dads lost his son to it as a teenager, totally heartbreaking.

And I mean, what is a couple of quid amongst villa fans, in fact vital forum villa fans, it's practically family. I'm sure everyone could sacrifice the cost of a pint at least?


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Badge! - you can now donate by text!

DMDN99 £10 to 70070

or chanege the £10 to a £1 or a £5 or a 100!

She is £75 quid away from her target so one last push and I can go back to looking at porn and football on the internet instead of pestering strangers for cash.

Thanks so much to all of you, again, for all your kind donations.