MOTM v West Brom


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Gave it to Fern. but missed 20 minutes of the second half- asleep! Shouldn't have let in Rod for his goal. And asleep for the last goal as well. Glad we got that out of the system.

Watched the first half of the rags spuds game-no choice. Dreadful stuff. Poor passing, Lukako looked like Bony on his worst day, Herrera just wanted to kick people. Rags lucky to be level at half time.


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We did not play that well and the score flatters the Baggies who were never in it. Still don't think we work like a fully oiled clock with three play makers on the park. Also Red Kev was a bit off his game and maybe a tackle by Evans slowed him down. I gave my MOM to Walker, no mistakes and a perfect assist for the obligatory Sterling goal. 3 points away is always welcome. Also a heads up for our supporters who gave Gareth Barry a song and he played very well for the home team.
Just watched the match, not the best we have played and we were not clinical or this would have been double figures.

Fernandinho for me again, he is such a player that does his box to box job and hardly ever gets noticed.

Sané was good and stones gets better each game.

a good team effort but complacent at times.