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MOTM v Stoke


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No contest

El Mago :021:

Honourable mention for Jesus who worked his socks off & Sterling with two (should have been three) assists
David Silva, he has scored some nice goals of late and was in the action most of the time, Otamendi and Kompany, the former getting the 'Zabaleta Badge of Honour' (ZBH hereafter) and Vinnie, for coming back into nearly the form we are4 used to seeing.

Their right back was good Bauer, first time I had seen him play, but if Stoke do go down, this lad wont go with them.


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David Silva stole the show - wow this lad is something special. But we know that anyway.

Otamendi had a solid game as did Kyle and Vinny. In fact everyone played out of their skin.

Two more PL wins and its all over :043:

Come in CITY.


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kennyclementstache - 13/3/2018 10:55


But everyone played well although OZ35 showed a little naivety at times, given his youth and playing in an unusual position this can be forgiven.
Zinco had a torrid time marking Shaqiri but hey, the lad is a midfielder and not a left-back. Overall he did enough albeit he struggled at times.