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MOTM v Everton


Alert Team
It does indeed. :026:

There were many contenders but votes have gone to the evergreen David Silva, Sané whose skill set is amazing and Jesus who ran himself ragged :001:

Mention also for Fernandinho who was tireless as always and the oil in the machine :005:
I too was impressed by Sane, wow he can be brilliant if he carries on the way he is. Ferna, continues to go about his business under appreciated, box to box and finally Otamendi, no longer making those daft tackles on a regular basis but has grown up and makes telling tackles and anticipates the opposition.

Sometimes you just get the feeling that Eddy could just dribble his way up the park before blasting the ball over the net, he just gets me nervous sometimes but most if the time makes as ass of the player challenging him.


Alert Team
A brilliant all round team performance :001: There was one player who stood out for me and that was Sane. Plenty of energy, plenty of attack, plenty of everything :021: