MOTM v Burnley


Vital Football Legend
Ederson, Danilo and Bernardo.
The dog was good but atrocious in front of goal.
Kev was as always trying his best.
Ederson saved the match for us whilst our sharpshooters prevented us from winning.


Vital Champions League
For me Bernie ... I think given the chance this is my new favourite to replace my hero David. He never stops running and like David there is some magical string that attaches the ball to his boots. I have never been a "goals count more than anything" person and much prefer the class and artistry of a "thinking footballer" and I think we have found a new one in Bernie. David has always been the ENGINE in the team and all Bernie needs is "running in" to take that mantle.


Vital Football Hero
Our keeper, Kev and the Dog in that order. We missed so many chances we could not complain if we had lost this. We need to rest and regroup before our next games.


Alert Team
Just seemed as though the team were slightly 'off it'. Can't really find the words to describe what i'm trying to say and so i'll keep quiet until I can find them.

Overall MOTM for me was Ederson.