MOTM v Burnley

A very hard fought three points in the bag, credit Burnley, no quarter given but our boys came up with the answers in the end.

Your man of the match?
I'm struggling with this today, there was no real standout, plenty of moments of quality

Ederson so brave
Delph and Walker strong and diligent
Stones imperious
What a header from Otter
Brilliant battling from Fernandinho, won plenty in the air
That pass from Silva that led to the penalty was sublime
KDB with another outrageous, perfectly weighted assist
Bernardo winning the pen
Sane with a goal and an assist
And last but definitely not least Aguero equalling a club record

I can't decide


Alert Team
Your (shared) dilemma is as good an indicator of how all the parts of the collective City team ‘machine’ is firing on all cylinders. A real tribute to Guardiola :005:

I need to see the game without the frequent ‘dropouts’ and freezing I suffered on my feed this pm before I wrestle with this particular dilemma.

Nice problem to have :026:


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Ota - his goal settled my nerves. I ve overlooked him being robbed like a schoolboy in the last minute... Stones looked all class.
BD, exactly , I have gone foe Stones, the media really had a go last season, but he is maturing into a future City Captain, an English VK4.

Sane, wow, what a talent, he will wow us for a few years yet and get even better when he gets everything right on the night.

Sergio, not for equaling the record, but because he has upped his game and I thought that was impossible


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Stones for me, some of his passing would have made Kev jealous.
Otta played well as did Delph but Sane and Ederson were my other two top men.
Again, could pick them all but Walker had a bit of a stuttering start.