MotD opening sequence


Alert Team

I have watched the MotD opening sequence a few times now.........I can spot players from 17 teams. Which three teams are missing?

You get one for free - City. Naturally. No City player is featured.

Which other two sides couldn't be squeezed in by the graphic design team at the BBC? Who else couldn't they be bothered to feature?


Alert Team
I was struck by the absence of a City player when I watched the first time.....and then thought I must have been mistaken so I watched it again.......and was even more annoyed.

They do show Guardiola but then take the piss (IMO) by pairing City's representation (Guardiola) with a shot of Wayne Rooney's back with his name front and centre. He may be representing Everton in this shot but the association with the rags is still strong and the juxtaposition of that image next to one City manager just struck me as deliberate and a piss take. There are 18 other clubs but no, they chose one whose representative is an ex-rag. :019: :068:

The other teams whose players have been omitted are Newcastle and Stoke. They do show Benitez and the Tyne Bridge but I could find no sign of Stoke anywhere. I would be happy to be proved wrong on that point especially.