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More digging ahead!

Bolshie Budgie

Vital Squad Member
Page 78 of the 2020 Budget document gives us:

'a further £117 million for Portsmouth City Region, Norwich and Stoke-on-Trent subject to further business case approval, which could fund a range of projects, including a multi-modal transport hub at Stoke-on-Trent station'

----> May be they could re paint some of the yellow boxes around the City to help the traffic move a bit a faster(with some enforcement):

e.g.; Daniels (old A11) roundabout with the ring road

Outside the railway station - making it go across the junction near the multi storey car park

sort out the yellow box mess at the approach to Castle Mall car park (at the back of Anglia TV)


Vital Football Legend
Railway station vehicle entrance / exit is ridiculous.
Railway owned the land and could have got this sorted out when the terrible development of riverside took place.
When picking up Miss DG Junior from station I now park a long way away and walk the last 10 minutes.


Vital Football Legend
Several things.
1. Architects were not local and failed to use local knowledge to make it fit
in with the surrounding area. I worked on a bit of it as the specific areas were
sub divided between various Architectural firms.
All continuity was lost due to these factors.
2. Total failure to link with the river. Buildings do not relate to the water
and it was the named Riverside.
3. Types of building use allowed to be included. Night club with a snake
of pi**ed up people walking from the odious Magdealen Street across line of
families arriving to go bowling and eating.
4. Unimaginative route through centre with poor visual links to river.
5. Total failure to connect with football ground. This was carried out post
football hooligan times and yet the overall plan separated ground from
all of riverside with a road to cause issues with cars / pedestrians and
fail to encourage fans to use better pre match facilities.
I know there is a bridge / road to deal with but with some imagination
there could have been a great public space adjacent to city stand blending in
with bars / restaurants instead of a road / supermarket / barbed wire fencing.
6. Access to station for car parking. The car park is way too small and lights
do not allow access to road without blocking back before going red.
A multi storey over the road which during busy times causes a tail
back in the actual car park.
7. The overall plan should have linked football to public eating / drinking
areas provided a new road bridge away from ground to have an underground
road to a large multi storey car park adjacent to the railway end.
This would have opened river up to all the public areas.

These are all basic planning points at stage one of a design and any comments I have on the architecturally illiterate buildings are personal so not as relevant.

I could go on but when the basics are huge errors everything else is not able to be discussed.

Bolshie Budgie

Vital Squad Member
DG - some very good points. They could have done a much better job in linking to the football ground and the river.

BTW the pedestrian crossing near the football ground / Koblenz Avenue - Wherry Rd junction is an accident waiting to happen.