Moncur.... ??


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MONCUR, Robert
Correspondence address
St James Park,, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE1 4ST
Date of birth
January 1945
Appointed on
19 June 2015
Resigned on
5 March 2018
Country of residence
United Kingdom


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It could mean all sorts of things. I notice "resigned" but you wouldn't expect him still to have a role if Ashley was pissed off with him for sounding of. Also, no real statement from Moncur.

Does it become wishful thinking that maybe someone proposed by Rafa is going to be announced? It would give him incentive to extend, perhaps.

Or yes, a potential take over?

Knowing our luck, this probably paves the way for the return of Joe Kinnear or Denis Wise
- maybe even both!


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I have know other people to resign one or more directors positions as part of the retirement process. Might be nowt in it although obviously there's an empty seat on the board now.


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From another site...............

Some attention on a slow news day has focused on confirmation from Companies House that the name of Bob Moncur is no longer listed as a Director of NUFC.

The 73 year-old former club captain was appointed to a four man board in June 2015, alongside Lee Charnley, Graham Carr and then-boss Steve McClaren.

That shrank to three with the departure of McClaren during March 2016, with Carr then relinquishing his scouting role and directorship in June 2017.

To all intents and purposes the board then ceased to exist, Charnley remaining as MD and providing linkage between Rafa Benitez, Mike Ashley and anyone else assuming a position of authority eg: Justin Barnes.

Today's news looks to be nothing more than a clerical exercise reflecting that previous change, Moncur continuing in post as a club ambassador, matchday host and patron of the club's charitable foundation.

..............if true we seem to exist without a functional board of directors.


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crooktownmags - 6/3/2018 12:17

..............if true we seem to exist without a functional board of directors.
I struggle to remember when we last had a FUNCTIONAL board of directors.