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That's him out until the Liverpool game in October as he's charged by the FA for that 'elbow'

Shite like usual as it's the same length of ban as that Watford player is facing as he nearly took off Knockaert's legs.


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Mitrovic was a fucking idiot , it's not the first time, two different coaches/managers haven't been able to sort it out. He's not good enough anyway. Sell him to a European side .

The Pyrry

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I would be inclined to keep him, he is a young man with too much testosterone flowing through his veins. If he leaves and comes good we would kick ourselves and in today's market he gets a run of games and goals in them games his value virtually doubles. I think he is a very rough diamond and if we ever play to his strengths he will come good. Even if we just keep him as back up or an impact player I would be ok with that .... but it's obvious he needs to channel his aggression . Not take it away entirely just rein it in a little .


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Sadly, he's made a target of himself for opposing players, referees, pundits, and the FA.

His retrospective ban, while Kane got nothing for a much bigger crime and actual injury to someone shows this.

It's better he goes.

The Owl

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Get rid of, he brings nothing to the team. Just a head case who does not score many and is a potential yellow or red card every game.

Paul Kannell

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There's no doubt he's a good player in my book, sadly I don't think he'll ever fulfill his potential as he just hasn't the brain. The best strikers are intelligent and clever on the pitch, he's the opposite.