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Minutes of latest Coop meeting


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Thanks for putting this up LGC.

This breakdown of match day attendees surprised me...

o Under 5's 5%
o Under 17's 15.1%
o Disabled 8.2%
o Student 2.2%
o Senior 65yrs+ 23.5%
o Adults 46%

Only a tiny amount of students. Assuming these are young people, 16 to 22 (?) and in fulltime education.. I would have expected double that at least. Good to see a healthy amount of U5's and U17's though - bodes well for the future.


This is more like it...

The deal we have just done for Alex Curran indicates the change in approach regarding player recruitment. It has been hard to get people to commit when you are playing part-time regional football. With Curran, he has signed a two year deal with an option for a third year. We have paid a fee and he will either grow with us or will move on and generate a fee for us.

Moving to a position whereby when we do lose a player to teams further up the ladder, we get some recompense is absolutely essential. As long as that money gets re-invested on the playing side.


Vital Reserves Team
Agree regarding transfer income. Over the years we have benefitted from picking up free transfers and developing them to earn fee income in time. This is the way that we can subsidise our expenditure.
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