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Miller Out On Loan


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So does this mean that Derby are not recalling Jozefzoon? Seems a bit odd that they are happy loaning a player to a "relegation rival". Ok - we have been daft enough to do that in the past, but most clubs would not. Either Derby are very confident of moving out of danger, or they just don't rate him. Both, possibly. Plus rumours that Derby are rumoured to be struggling to pay their players wages.
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Well, Mike, who knows. This window seems to have already been open a long time and seems to be going on for ever. Anything could, and possibly, will happen. I'm never sure if Miller is a winger or a forward. I think we bought him as a winger but all his biopics say 'forward' - if he's a forward then does that mean we are hoping to bring another forward in? If he's a winger is it just to free up a place in the squad?