Mikes greatest achievement yet


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The way things are going the fat parasite has a chance to:

Keep Rafa........firmly toeing the line now btw...........on message as they say
Reduce the wage bill even from what it was last year in the championship
Make a profit in this transfer window - even after promotion
Sell out SJP every other week (near enough)
Take the piss in the cups again
Sell loads of merchandise to the sheep

Still with an outside chance of staying in the premiership for another year with his snout in the trough. If not there are always the parachute payments.

But you know, things have changed............in Rafa we trust.

Ever get the feeling you've been swindled?


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You'd think the people that go would have cottoned on by now and did something about it to oust the fat parasite. Like i say they must really hate to spend their Saturday afternoons with their families to put up with the shit they are served up with from fatty.
I dare say a few will be frothing at the mouth on their phones tonight at all things Ashley but with a new iphone being released next week im sure they'll be distracted soon enough.


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Who the fuck will buy the club with the money fatty no doubt wants. and if some idiot did want to buy the club would the money supposedly still owed to fatty be in with the price of the club or would that be extra?