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Miguel Almiron


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So was Saint Maximin and it didn't mean he played well in a free role . I'm a big believer in the nuances of playing players in their best position (I get that you're not). Some players it doesn't really matter they can be effective regardless but the vast majority it affects greatly . Look at how good Jon Dahl Tomasson looked playing off Shearer in the pre-season games under Dalglish . When he was played as the out and out striker following Shearer's injury it was different story.
I dont disagree with any of that

I just cant shake the feeling that he isnt really suited to the PL and hasn't got the necessary football brain to adapt

But as in all cases where I dont think much of a player, I am more than happy to be proved wrong if it benefits NUFC


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I don't think anyone thinks he's a world beater but he's far from our worst player and judging by the quality of the squad he's probably one of the better players from a bad bunch. I find it very difficult to criticise any individuals recently because of the shocking coaching and tactics. The players haven't looked fit in months either but covid has bailed Broocie out of that one.