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Middlesbrough v Aston Villa, Sat 1st Dec @ 5.30pm


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Dean Smith has never had it so good player wise and Villa haven't had it so good since BFR manager wise

My Villa are back, back to us putting the fear of God up the opposition because they have to play us !! Image being an opposition manager and thinking how do I stop this lot scoring , they'll be bricking it
It like meeting your first love again after many years and she has got
better with time and still has the hots for you


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Yes. I was a Bruce fan until the Sheffield Utd game this season , but what Smith has done in these 6 weeks or so , is fantastic reallly. Was worried after the Derby win in a way as I wondered if it was a one off , but is wasn't and yesterdays performance was even better .

We look a good side now.

Agreed, now this is more like it. I've been waiting for nigh on 25 years to see a side with the spirit and attitude of the mid 70's. Let's hope DS can get them to keep it up for the rest of the season. Then we will have a chance of surviving and thriving in the greed league.

Imagine what it would feel like to have a side that could do this a division higher. :yes::please::utv:.

Never was much of a Bruce fan for the record. In fact we haven't had a manager to inspire us this century as far as I'm concerned.


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Tammy is a proper striker.

That goal yesterday, the one that came of his bollocks against blues, the headers v Forest. Just proper striker instinct and finishing.
You can see why he’s ended up at Chelsea, a very good talent.

Hopefully if we get promoted we can buy him, no chance otherwise but I think he will go on to be a regular England international


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What was there against Middlesborough, that was missing against Nottingham Forest, was the discipline to keep the team shape, instead of going gung-ho for all out attack.
Far more compact. We defended as a complete unit and attacked likewise. The gaps between the lines were much closer yesterday. To be fair as Smith said we have had 4 clean sheets in the 8 games he has been there so maybe Wednesday was a one off as he said.