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Michael Carrick

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Michael Carrick, who plays just down the road in a town OUTSIDE Manchester has been off recently with heart problems.

A brilliant player and i was for one sorry that he has suffered some problems with the old ticker, I am sure that VMC on a whole wish him all the best and are glad to see that his employers have offered him a coaching role due to his condition.

We wish him well in his new job and hope that he stays health for a good many years to come. :001: :001: :001: :001: :001: :001: :001: :001: :001: :001: :001: :001: :001: :001: :001:


Vital Football Legend
Yes. Solid professional who was very much under appreciated by many rags .....until he wasn't around. Best wishes to him.

(much surprise that his evil employers haven't simply discarded him and taken away his parking space as soon as he was having health problems - maybe they are learning something from their neighbours inside the City walls?).