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Merseyside Reds v NUFC


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Concur Finn, watched MOTD and yes I know Liverpool could have been out of sight but the bias towards them continues. Harping on about Fernadez leading with his arm and lucky to be still on the pitch. Yes he was, but so was Kabak and the Fabinho assault on ASM which wasn't shown let alone scrutinised was a disgrace. The late goal however reminded me of away in days when fans were allowed. Imagine today what it would have been like in the away end.


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Bit special to see the equaliser go in but in reality tainted by being stuck with the 2 fatboys again next season, both of em have got away with it by the skin of their teeth,fkn charlatans!


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Saw MOTD, created some decent chances, Liverpool are nothing defensively without Van Dijk and didn't put their chances away, oh well! 🤣

Some of the defensive errors were mental, dunno what Clark was doing. Shelvey with that Hollywood back pass WTF?

NOTHING wrong with Wilson's goal, if anything there was a push on Wilson before the ball touched his hand so penalty. Think there's more chance of winning euromillions than getting a penalty at Anfield. Willock again saves Bruce's bacon, should be starting ahead of Shelvey and Wilson needs to come in for Joelinton.

As for Liverpool, good to see their chances of qualifying for the CL has had another setback. Quickly becoming the most hated club in England with all their meddling in things that do not concern them. Hopefully it will get worse and they finish outside the top 6 with Spurs & Arsenal, how funny would it be if Everton finished above them.


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Same old shite an Annfield and usual sanctimonious crap on Motd and BBC. Footballing Gods were all aligned for the red bin dippers last season, its gone to shite this one. We could be up there in the top ten with not too much investment but of course fatty doesn't want that, so another season of Stevie B and fat boy Ashley it will be.