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Merry Christmas!


Vital 1st Team Regular
Merry Christmas one and all from Tier 4 in Kent.
Where, if it's not got Covid then it's broken or it's bent.
'Le Jardin De Ingleterre' as the French might say,
Where a river of piss and excrement was once a motorway.
But wait! A deal for Brexit, like the Christmas star, draws near.
Briinging the chance that '21 might be a better year.
And, best of all, the vaccine's on it's way to fight the bug.
'Cause what all we want most right now is to give loved ones a hug!


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It's getting more and more like Facebook every day on here! πŸ˜‰

Happy Christmas everyone! Hope you all have the best Christmas you can, and show peace and love to those in your life. It's been a tough year for a lot of us, family and friends no longer in our lives... So 2020 can feck right off, and let's make our planet a home for every one of us in 2021. Salute! 🍻


Vital 1st Team Regular
Merry Xmas all.

Weirdest year I’ve ever known despite the fact that Oz, and Queensland in particular, have so far (🀞) been relatively spared. I can only imagine how hard it is for all of you in UK right now.

Stay safe and take care of your loved ones. May Santa bring us all good health and league points on a regular basis πŸ‘
Merry Christmas to you all, as for the new year I wonder if either of our two teams will make the play offs come end of season (whenever that may be), I wouldn't be surprised.
I was reminded today on a Pool forum of the matches played on Christmas day and can remember a few with the return matches in most cases a local derby played the following day, not many of us old enough to remember such events.
All the best for the new Year it just has to be better than the present one surely!.


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Season's greetings and a much Happier New Year to one and all from minus 4 and snowy Moscow.
I can celebrate Christmas tomorrow but Elena has to work up to 31 December because Russian Christmas is 6/7 January and most are on holiday from New Year's Eve. But at least I get two Christmas Days.

Despite the awful Covid situation at least there is some footie. My first love are doing OK and the play offs are not out of the question and my other team CSKA are second to bloody Zenit.

Keep safe and well everyone and raise a glass to the toast "UTG"!


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Merry Christmas one and all. We often disagree and sometimes fall out but let's remember why we're all here and that is a mutual love for The Gills.
Hopefully they'll still be there when this all blows over and we can get back to Priestfield.
Stay safe everyone, respect those around you and Hopefully we and they will still be around for many more Christmases to come.
And most of all, don't forget
Hands, face space 😁😁😁😁