Merry Christmas Everyone

It's nearly hear and The Buzz household is awash with Christmassy feelings lots of them. The tree is up the music is on, the mad dash to the shop for the last items you forgot, will be early in the morning of either Saturday or Sunday but I bet you would have to reserve a parking space if you are going Sunday, but most Supermarkets will let you in around to browse before letting you through the till come

Anyway Buzz and Lady Lightyear wish you all a very Merry Christmas, have a very good one, but if you do drink please do not drive and I hope that Santa is good to you all. :035:


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You've just described my madhouse too!

I reciprocate your good wishes and to each and everyone on our forum.
Hoping you all have a great time with your loved ones.

Rivals fallin'
All around us
City playin'
Having fun
It's our season
Of joy and (over) celebration
Merry Christmas everyone



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Thank you for putting up with my cynicism and petty, argumentative and overly moralistic nature for another year.

In addition to Buzz's advising against simultaneously drinking and driving remember it is also illegal to perform sex acts whilst being in charge of a moving vehicle - so pull over if you want to pull off.

Luv, hugs to you all x



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Best wishes to one and all & thank you for continuing to make this forum a safe space to debate and discuss all things Sky Blue. It is always regarded as a time for families and I consider you all part the Sky Blue branch of mine :-)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a happy and healthy 2018. Special thoughts for anyone missing a loved one at this time of year whether recently or in times past.

Best wishes everyone :035:


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Going to my sons engagement party tonight. Her family totally red. To the core. Its only 8.51am in Sydney and my wife has told me 10 times already today that I have to behave myself!!! Bugger all chance of that.

Thanks for the great entertainment and insights in the last 12 months.

Drive carefully. Stay safe.


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Happy Christmas everyone ,went through a bowel cancer op 10/11/18 so it's gonna be quiet here but things looking positive and the blues are the best tonic ever
Love your wee ryme BD
I will raise a special glass of something to you Colinx3. A good friend of mine had the same condition and three years on after her op she is in fine fettle, so here's hoping.



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Best wishes Colin and a Merry Christmas to you and everyone who contributes and visits VMC.

Sometimes it can be unfair to single out names, but on this occasion I have to tip my hat off to Kieran who, writes sublime match previews. They are a joy to read mate. I know they take an age to write and so I really want to mention you by name. Keep up the good work :005:

I continue.....

Buzz for keeping an eye on and running the forums, JB for all of his hard work (weekly email posts etc)...I could go on....everyone involved in running and taking part in the Beat the Clock comp.....

A huge :037: and :057: to all - have a great Crimbo and lets hope for a fun-filled and successful 2018 :001:

:035: :035: :035: :035: :035: :035: :035: :035: :035: :035: :035: :035: :035: :035: :035:


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Best to you, Colin. I have to drive to Atlanta Christmas Eve, and pick up relatives who decided traveling from Manchester at 5:30 am GMT and arriving 200 miles away from me at 7:30 CST was worth saving 60 quid a piece. :028:


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Colin Is The King - 24/12/2017 20:33

Merry Christmas everyone. It's been a great end to 2017, let's hope we finish it off in the first half of 2018.
Have a safe and peaceful one.
And the same too you, mate.