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Memory removal

Juan Mourep

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Would you use a drug or process that would remove a memory/memories, yes or no?

If you wish to explain why, feel free, but not essential.

Traumatic experiences leave a signature in the brain that is hard to erase. Painflul memories of war or child abuse are recorded in DNA as chemical marks in the genome, which makes conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) difficult to treat with behavioural approaches.

In people with PTSD or other anxiety disorders, the pain associated with a specific memory fails to subside over time, as it usually would. “Every day they’re reliving it,” says Li-Huei Tsai, a neuroscientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, and a co-author of the study. Exposure to the memory through photos or virtual reality simulations of the traumatic event in a safe environment — part of a technique known as extinction therapy — can help to dull the pain, but people with severe PTSD tend to relapse.


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
I'd have gone not sure. At face value, without any further info, then if this is the perfect world with no side effects, maybe. Few traumas possibly would be nice to be removed.

However, I do also think we are the sum of all our parts, all we see and all we do makes us what we are.

What happens of part of that is removed?

Some of the treatment, or lack of, brain ache wise, have scarred, so did the fact they cheated me out of a potentially large compensation claim. However it could also be argued these things made me stronger as well.

I will think a bit more before voting, if I can vote.

Interesting question.

I would take anything offered if it could make my mind forget to give me the pain signals for ribs and brain, that's for sure!!


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I think it is 1 of those questions that sounds good in theory however couldn't actually work. I wouldn't be who I was without the life experiences I have had, so if the memories were removed I would then be left with wondering how I got to be how I was.

There are times when I wish I didn't remember all I did, even though I am detached emotionally from the past now, it does come up to bite at times.

However I think wiping the memories would leave other problems. We have pain for a reason. It is a trigger to let us know when something is wrong we need to deal with

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
Wouldn't mind my body being primed to forget the pain signals from all my busted ribs. They were there for a reason, but I've got the message and don't actually need the message anymore but 24/7 get it still!

So that would count as a yes I guess?!

Draig Cymraeg

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I'd remove this season from memory for a start.

Seriously though. No. My memory is what makes me, me. Although I wouldn't say I've had something so traumatic happen to me that it would make me want to wipe anything.
Despite blacwood being rather glib in response to this question he raises an interesting point. I have only suffered memery loss once due to alcohol use and I hated that feeling of knowing time had passed without me having a clue what had happened or even worse, having glimpses bug no more. I have memories I'd rather not have but at the same time they are from experiences that I have learned from and have been part of shaping who I am. So all things considered, I think I'd rather live with painful memories than have holes in my memory. That said, I've never experienced anything so traumatic as to suffer with ptsd so maybe I can't fully answer unless I do experience such a trauma but based on experiences to date, no.

Bikini Inspector

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No. I would like a pill to remove memories of songs etc so you could hear them again for the first time. But other than that memories are what you use everyday in order to operate. Don't start messing about with them scientists.


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The Fear - 7/4/2014 16:30

Bumped up, interesting question that didn't get enough attention!
I agree with that. I am surprised it didn't get more interest too.

We actually have pain for a reason. It helps us know when something is wrong.

I read an interesting book by Phillip Yancey called 'Where is God when it hurts'

It does answer some of those time old questions about pain. I am speaking in a general consensus now as I am not wanting to turn this into a God topic.

The reason we have pain is so we know there is something wrong. People with leprosy though there is much less today, were discussed in the book, I mentioned above.

For example leprosy suffers don't feel pain. That is why they look like they do. They can put there hand on a stove and not feel the pain. They can walk out in front of a car and feel no pain. This is why physical and emotional pain has it's place to let us know when something is wrong.

I still don't like pain, however I see why we have it today. That was a real revelation to me.


Vital Champions League
Hmmmm.....well, I've done some really stupid things in my life, some of which I am ashamed, and others which make me squirm with embarassment on those occasions they come to mind.
Rather than use a memory blocker, I'd really rather go back and do it differently.
But then, we all make mistakes - it's part of the human condition.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
If you read what I said though kefkat, I say that. But the pain receptors could now turn off, I have the message.


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Thing is though, if the pain receptors could be turned off and I just got the message, would I take so much notice of them?. If it was just the message with no pain. The pain let's me know if things are getting worse by the level of it. It maybe that I would need to go back for more treatment and without the pain I wouldn't know that. The human conditioning maybe less bothered if I knew that pain limits were up yet couldn't feel them.

Like now I know I have a really nasty flare up of my stomach condition which causes pain and is uncomfortably too. Without the receptors to feel this, and just know it, I may not fully realize it is getting worse.

I have given it time to see if it is a flare up before making a Dr appointment. Now I know it isn't, I will be seeing the Dr who will probably send me back to the hospital for an endoscopy.

I just think it would be too easy to ignore the messages of pain is up if we didn't have to feel them

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
I wasn't talking about turning your pain off, I was talking about turning mine off.

My ribs have been smashed to bits five times over, they are agony, I know why they hurt, they don't need to tell me any more. Hence, I'd like to turn off the pain receptors. There was talk of messing around with some nerve endings etc to try to ease the mess but it didn't amount to anything. Injections are also not possible in that area.



No way jose, why would anybody in there right mind want there memory/ies removed, if we remove what makes us different and personal then we no longer would be us ourselves, show me a man that has never made a mistake and i will show you a lier, some smart bugger said this in history i can't remember who as my memory has gone ;)