Memories of Bowburnmag

Obviously today is gonna be a dour one as we take in the news of one of the forum's best ever characters sadly passing away.
Some have met him, some have not but what can't be denied is the contribution he had in life towards NUFC blogs and forums. He will be greatly missed by many.
I suppose my best memories of him are his great articles and reviews of a game in which he added his own style of wit and realism but also his never ending campaign to find the fan in the old east stand who he referred to as 'Kenny Everett' hence his avatar he used for ages.
In his final months, who can forget his account of his plight in hospital with a comical view of his stay. The thread entitled 'Ward 54' brought laughter as well as a sad truth that he was ending his days by staying humorous to the last.

So long BBM, gone but never forgotten.


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Who can forget his 'roll neck cardigan' and lust for a tasty blazer?
Thing about him was, he just landed in to this place and started cracking away and taking the piss. Quality bloke.
Still gutted I missed the night out with him, his pal and PM after the QPR game a while back.


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So many good memories!

Chasing each other round Barnsley trying to meet up for the first time.A real Keystone Cops performance.
3 men in one Travelodge Bed for the full Qpr experience.
Nearly bringing the ceiling down in Beyond after getting Promotion.
Celebrating like mentalists in Level 7 during the 5-1 game.

A cracking sense of humour & the delightful ability to make fun of himself.


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Toon_NoMatterWot - 12/12/2011 10:30

A reminder of his style.

Quality till the end.
I clicked on that link, read the first line or so then checked by his avatar to see if he was online or not. This all seems very very wrong and unfair.

His personality shines through in his posts. Even taking the piss out of the guys around him, he does it in a warm and caring way. It's only 18 months since I first met him (in the real world) but it feels much longer. He seemed to make a positive impression on everyone he met. I'll really miss him.

It's hard to believe he was holed up in a hospital bed for 3 months feeling as sick as a dog the whole time, and being so incredibly ill. He must have been strong as an ox.


Pink IPA in the town wall , thought I was spewing blood the next day after spurs last season .


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His thread about the 2-2 draw at Boro, when we were 'kept back' by the police and the police horse was barging into him.
Losing his wallet and some twat using his credit card.
Changing job and trying his hand at working for himself.
And sadly, when he confided in us when he couldn't shake off the lethargy and tiredness he had after a bout of what he thought was flu.
I for one will miss your stories and banter.


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Never met the fella but felt like i knew him, i remember sponsoring him for a charity bike ride last year and if i remember correctly it was for a heart charity. I used to look froward to his posts and he had a very good writing style, he also came across as witty and someone who didn't take himself too seriously. My heart goes out to his wife and child and of course all his family and friends it puts the Norwich result in perspective, Shankly once said football was more important than life and death but he was wrong. It is funny how you can mourn the passing of someone who you have never met in the flesh but i truly do feel sad at this news.


The barmaid who I thought looked like Amy Winehouse from the forth with the tats , and the insistence that we stood as close to bar as possible .


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The first time I met him I was standing in the pissing rain for about 10 minutes as I had a ticket for him for the QPR away game. I remember half joking you owe me one for this pal, but he was so grateful, I never mentioned it again.

Had a good day out in Durham with him and his pal John when we played West ham away... Managed to persuade them to stay out for a few extra pints. Was a great day.

Like p_m said last night, it feels like 5 minutes since we were watching the Arsenal match together. That was only two weeks before he got taken in, and he must've been ill then, but never mentioned it once.


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Ive just this moment found about this, so it han't sunk in it. I never met him but I'm not being dramatic here about saying he was one of the reasons i posted in here, always funny whitty and new his football. I'm sure more memories will come flooding back bur right now. His laugh out loud contributions to the tino meltdown thread, his soppy music threads when he was working away and missing his family, his perving in the forth, his constant ribbing he'd give me via messages for not wanting to meet up, those nights on FIFA
All stick out now.
Such a sad loss