ALL supporters of Bristol Rovers are invited to The Wellington Pub, Horfield, in the marquee, (opposite the Mem) for an organised meeting.

On Tuesday 10th June at 7.30pm.

We are calling this meeting to bring ALL supporters together especially those of you who are frustrated and angry at the lack of action (and the pace of it) from within the club to our fall from The Football League.

Many of you are concerned that The Board has decided to review itself and therefore there is probably little chance of change from TOP to BOTTOM at the club which we think is needed.

The aims of the meeting are to establish what the GREATEST concerns of supporters are, what do we want to happen/change and what we are prepared to do to make it happen/change.

We have been pressing the Board to engage with supporters, but there has been little response from them. We hope many of you will come so that The Board will be made aware that we want to see ACTION and CHANGE now, which we hope will persuade them to listen to us fans.

If you are curious about who and what we are, come along.
If you have something to say in support, come along.
UNITED in the cause of getting Rovers back up the leagues !

Feel free to pm any thoughts and to back the meeting. Please don't just sit back and accept things !!

Tonight's the night!
A chance for ALL fans, not just SC members, to express their views.
It needs to be a constructive meeting. Where we go from here will
depend upon how tonight goes.
We will discuss our main concerns, what needs to be done to improve
matters, and what we are prepared to do if we do not see sufficient progress.
Many have expressed interest and support. It's been promoted on all the forums.
Bristol Post and Sunday Independent have both written about us.
All that needs to happen now is for people to attend!
Jon, Mark and I had a good and fruitful meeting last night @ the Wellington; and...

- reviewed Tuesday's meeting
- decided upon some actions based upon what was agreed at that meeting
- made initial plans for our next meeting
- discussed topics for the next meeting

* We thought Tuesday's meeting went really well. About 50 people there, all showing an
undoubted commitment to the club and wanting steps to be taken to bring about improvement.
Besides improvement on the pitch we want to see a far better relationship between the board
and the fans and more transparency in the running of the club. Other areas covered were the
possible appointment of a CEO (with a knowledge of football!), a Chief Scout; and far more
reserve/Professional Development games...especially with local clubs. There were sometimes
differing views and many spoke; but there was respect throughout.
Almost all of the feedback we have received through various channels has been positive.
* We intend writing to Nick Higgs to request details about the Q&A (date, time, structure);
and clarification about the 'Review' ( who, what, when...reported to whom?) If no answers
are forthcoming we will not let it rest there!
* We have pencilled in TUESDAY 1st JULY for the next meeting
* Topics could include:
- review of what is said at the SC EGM
- plan how to respond to the Q&A (if it happens!)
- respond to developments over the next two weeks
- agree actions should progress in the close season not be satisfactory
- decide if we want to formalize these meetings under a named structure
If you have anything to add please contact any one of us.
Please watch this space. It may go quiet now and again but we're not going away!
Hi everyone,

Just signed up to "Vital" don't know why i've taken so long.

Just like to say Pirate49, Mark C and myself are really striving to get some answersw from the club in a dignified, articulate and respectful way.

Any support along the way would be massively helpful.

Together we are stronger. UTG