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Max Ehmer.


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Is suspended on Saturday due to too many yellow cards so Gimmer tells me. Just when you thought it could not get any worse.
It’s ok. We have Stuey O’Keefe back from his own suspension so he can fill in at Centre Half 👍

And if Danny Lloyd gets suspended next week, Max can return as a wing/forward.

Easy this picking sides lark.



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chris who

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That 2nd goal on Tuesday night, Ehmer suddenly looked rather overweight and slow as he tried to run back (from being out of position).
For the First goal I’m not sure why he went to ground in trying to clear the corner, but it took an unfortunate ricochet off Jackson and Long nipped in to take advantage.
Goal 1:
Goal 2:
I think it is fair to say that Tuesday was a very average performance by Ehmer if Bennett is available on Saturday and puts in a decent performance I can see Ehmer losing his place

chris who

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On the games I have seen Bennett has been more impressive. That is not a scapegoat it is a simple matter of opinion. I always liked Max and sincerely hope he recovers his form.Perhaps a two week break is what he needed.