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Maureen - building the myth


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Here he goes.......

I am sure he is delighting all rag fans by giving up the chase for the title and trying to bask in the reflected glory of Taggart's achievements. By waxing lyrical about the old goat he is trying to draw attention away from the abject failure to mount a serious challenge for the Premier League title this season and once again get them to buy into the myth that he had "much bigger rebuilding job than Guardiola".

We all know that this is a steaming pile of :080:

Will the rags be fooled though?


"Mourinho following Ferguson's lead to leapfrog City"

Buzz Lightyear

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If this is a limp attempt to lull City into not trying because the rest have given up, it wont work you 'Green Grocer' well past his self by date.


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Ferguson left the club as champions albeit an ageing team, but successive managers have messed up in the transfer market buying overpriced tat Fellaini, Pogba Mikitarian (SP).
If it weren't for Dracula bringing on Martial, Lingard and Rashford they'd be in an even worse position.
Mourinho is playing with out dated tactics, he lost the dressing room at Chelsea and with his attitude toward Pogba and Shaw is not far off losing the dressing room at Old Trafford.
He has some of the best forwards at his disposal but is so scared of losing he has to park the bus against the good teams. :027: