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Match Thread: Wigan Athletic v Lincoln City


Vital Youth Team
This was all about the win. We have on a paper a batch of easy matches & to me this was the key. Not get over the line here & I could see us sliding. We looked knackered v Sundershite. Its all about battling some results out for a couple of games. We threw away 7 points v Posh, Accy & Donny.


Vital Football Hero
I'm not sure how....but we won. They seemed stronger and up for it. It couldn't have been coincidence they picked up so many loose balls and seemed stronger in the tackle. They adapted better to the wind and pitch and I'm not sure where our defenders inside the box were or who they were marking on too many occasions in that second half. I'm also glad we won't be seeing Callum Lang again......but we won.

The difference was one move and moment of quality from two key players in the second half, and that makes up for losing at home to Donny for me. No-one expected it to be easy and nor should it be at this level. Well done for sticking in there Imps and grinding out the win.