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Match thread - where is it.


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I would play Mighten ahead of ameobi and I can't say I am happy to see Yates, but it's more about how they play, hopefully in possession of the ball and further up the pitch, would be a start.


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i dont have issue with yates n jack in the middle... but in the midddle, not on the edge of our own box. heres hoping, you reds!
And that’s what we will hopefully see today although away at a free scoring side is possibly not the best time to take the shackles off fully.

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1 - who uses cash these days?
2 - already paid for the game, so no waving, just watching.

I'll keep you up-to-date with the action.
Don't bother. Happy listening to the radio. That was good enough for forest fans for quite a few decades, although they couldn't have been proper fans of course