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Match thread - where is it.


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Did hear artir and colback not injured? Great news if true. Wot about mckenna?

Would like to see more of LT today, let grabs work himself up on the bench for an hour.

mr ron

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Not expecting much change in the starting XI maybe McKenna back in, lolley and Ameobi wide knockart isn't able to play is he?


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I don't think Sabri had lost the dressing room, but the belief amongst the players was obviously low. Hopefully CH's arrival will have restored the confidence and we see a better performance than v Bristol.
Just hope we get the run of the ball and manage to get something from the game because we need to get the positivity back ASAP.

Pope John XXIII

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Genuinely stunned if after a week of training CH has concluded that Fig is our best defender. Looks like new manager syndrome; he will have to learn for himself what a liability Fig had become.

Glad to see Yates back, but no way on earth should Arter be on the bench unless not fully fit.

Not a squad that screams "winner" to me but that is a hangover from the dismal last few months. Lets see

I think captain is overrated in this country but Grabban isn't a captain in a billion years