Match Thread: Villa V Swansea, Saturday, 20th Oct, 3.00 PM | Vital Football

Match Thread: Villa V Swansea, Saturday, 20th Oct, 3.00 PM


The Shackles Are Off!
I think there will be some early momentum from the team due to the new staff, and hopefully we get an early goal and/or the crowd is energized to carry the boys through. :utv::utv::utv:

I do have to chuckle at those folks on the other forums who are expecting a radical shift in playing style when the new staff have had approximately 1 training session to work with the full squad... :shake::shake::shake:


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U2. Oh my lord, don't want to take the piss but bone head is so pretencious he could eat himself. I shall be definitely might be sat night at the academy, then human league and ocean colour scene in December.


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Over 35,000 already sold according to the official would imagine with another week to go it won't be far off being a full house. Fantastic fans, huge potential, owners with ambition and a bob or two, management with plenty of experience in football, a decent championship squad, a new coaching team with lots to prove.......I've got a feeling the tide is turning and the lion will soon be roaring again! After being completely depressed with the tripe on show two weeks ago, I can't wait for next's hoping for the start of a new era! Deano's claret n blue army.....:utv::utv::utv:

Jase Villa 82

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We will be there or there abouts..think we will loose...maybe a draw...aint gonna happen over it...but i have been known to be wrong at times..ask my 2 ex wives...???????


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Hope we get an early goal, settle the nerves and plough on- get the stadium rocking
What would your starting 11 be? Let's see if the players that gave up on Bruce / Bruce gave up on can rediscover their form.

Melon Donkey

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Sorry to be negative but our defence is shocking. And suggesting that it will be ok because we will be more front foot is ...well... stretching it somewhat. No matter how good going forward we are the opposition in every game will get opportunities and i am not confidant we can keep a clean sheet.
Until its sorted i will be very hesitant to back us .

That includes this game. However, i am looking forward to getting back to Villa park without knowing i am going to be witnessing utter durge football.