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Match Thread: Southend United v Lincoln City


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I remember the Rotherham game in 2011. Not all of it, though, as I left early.

I expect some pretty x-rated stuff on Friday, I'm afraid.


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Remember when we needed just 3 points to stay up from 11 games? Well with the way things are going we are in a relegation battle and I can see it happening again. Today was a must win, too many changes to the team, Appleton has said he was in full control of players leaving and I think we should of maybe kept some and let them leave for free in the summer. We have ripped the team to pieces and replaced them with Inexperienced players. Rotherham will be hungry to play us right now.
I can accept Toff leaving but Bruno and MoC to Salford was a waste. We really could do with them right now.


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What a weird league. Lost 15 games - only two teams have lost more and we are sat 14th!

Really need to try and get home advantage to pay off over the run in.


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home form is going to be tested by rotherham, coventry, burton, doncaster who are all now in 'going for it' mode. meanwhile we are faffing around experimenting for next season.

today is an indication that we have to also find the guts to compete with the bottom teams as well. we need to get back to showing some teamwork and fight. uti


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I’ll (try to) refrain from knee-jerk reactions. You can always point to several reasons to excuse the defeat today. Ultimately, we’re shit. We do have the ability to kick on, but not the guile to do so.
Question is, does this group of players have it in them to gel, given that half or more shall be exiting over the summer? We need to dig out four wins from somewhere. My confidence is plummeting, and feeling for the first time that we’re entering a relegation scrap. I’ll give it to the end of February to reserve judgement.
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"I was concerned when he said there was nothing between the sides in the last 2 games because that’s not what I saw against Portsmouth at least. "

I agree. I could not believe it when MA said he saw lots of positives against Portsmouth. The performance was abject, and today was even worse.

I can't see that any of the new signings are better than the people they have replaced. Yes, they are young - but I am seriously concerned that MA is obsessed with only developing young players. Expect to see Shackell, Bolger and Eardley go in the summer - and they were our three best players today.


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I can't believe the contrast in feelings between the Blackpool game and now. It's hard not to be worried. Without Bossie have we got the minerals for the fight?