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Match Thread: Shrewsbury Town v Lincoln City


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"This to me would be a better use of such play out from the back.":

"I'm no tactical guru and bow down to MA's vast superiority but in the home games of late early thrown balls to Eardley and Toffolo slightly wider than the centre backs allowed us to retain possession and mount a quick counter-attack."

Who Will We Be Shouting At This Week? - Shrewsbury Town v Lincoln City:

Information about today's officials.

"Sam Ricketts has been a breath of fresh air in many ways." (Who Are Ya?):

"Sam Ricketts has been a breath of fresh air in many ways considering how he has made us hard to beat and brought in solid defenders like Aaron Pierre and Ebanks-Landell."

MA: "I'm doing it for their benefit, it's not for show.":

Summary of Thursday's press conference with Michael Appleton.


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A geographically close match for me. Second closest in mileage but will take me less time than the hour and a half it took me to do 13 miles to Birmingham three weeks ago.
We've got a decent record at Shrews over the years and I think other than Sincil Bank it's where I've seen City win more games than anywhere else.
Looking forward to it with the potential new signings on show


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Tyler Walker needs one goal to become the 87th City player to score 15 goals in a season in all competitions. It has been done 111 times so far by those 86 players.

Today will be his 30th appearance if he plays, which would give him an impressive average of one goal every two games if he scores.


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Yellow card count:
7: Morrell
4: Bolger
3: Eardley, Hesketh, O'Connor, Shackell, Toffolo
2: Andrade, Bostwick
1: Akinde, Anderson, Chapman, Payne, Pett, Vickers
0: Elbouzedi, Grant, Melbourne, Walker

The cut-off is the 37th game, currently scheduled to be the home game against Coventry on 21 March. Ten yellows on or before that game will incur a two-game ban.