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Match Thread: Portsmouth v Lincoln City


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rogers is deceptive isn't he, doesn't look quick, but seems to just glide past people...

great play from eyoma too, stood curtis up beautifully, and then whipped in a brilliant cross.
Inspired substitution. He likes to take on his man and, on another day, might have had a pen. Very cool finish, as you would expect from a Man. City youth.

McGrandles MOTM for me.

Jivin Imp

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Super Duper Game, top notch result. I was quite nervous through it all, probably because the longer it went on I thought they'd nick it.. Slick football until the sending off, then patient but looked like we wouldn't score. Bridcutt and McGrandles played their socks off, never think either of them have strong enough shots from outside the box. However in Rogers. Johnson, Scully, Grant, Hopper, Montsma and Tayo we have some good guys at the coconut shy, so perhaps I'm being greedy. Great game and whatever happens a great season.
Perhaps we need a new song to walk out to:

Born To Go, courtesy of you know who...

We were born to go,
We're never turning back
We were born to go,
And leave a burning track
We were born to go,
And leave no star unturned
We were born to grow,
We were born to learn
We're breaking out of the shell,
We're breaking free
We're hatching our dreams into reality

We were born to blaze,
A new clear way through space
A way out of the maze,
That held the human race
We were…
Is it The Boss, Barney?