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Match Thread: Plymouth Argyle v Lincoln City

The Imposter

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Of course we might be going 4-2-3-1 with Johnson in the hole behind Hopper, a role which would suit his game better than being in a midfield 3. Not sure MA is likely to switch away from the normal 4-3-3 though
We seemed to line up 4-2-3-1 against Swindon for parts of that game. Johnson has a fair bit to prove at the minute as he's been off the boil for a while.
Jephcott has been out of form for a while, there is a lengthy thread on PASOTI about it:

I have to say, I am still surprised to see him left out against us. He has scored 18 of their 56 goals - today's Plymouth line-up has only scored 19 all season:

Plymouth (56)
18: Luke Jephcott
5: Joe Edwards, Panutche Camara
4: Ryan Hardie
3: Conor Grant, George Cooper
2: Kelland Watts, Frank Nouble (on loan to Colchester), Ben Reeves, Niall Ennis, Dom Telford (no longer with club), own goals
1: Danny Mayor, Byron Moore, Klaidi Lolos (on loan to Chippenham Town), Adam Lewis, Jerome Opoku, Niall Canavan (no longer with club)
Interesting to see that one of the sensitive Plymouth souls finds our Imp intimidating 🤣


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I'm also surprised. Can anyone think of anywhere it's worked to have Johnson in midfield other than against Shrewsbury Reserves? It also seems to leave us wide open to the counter attack.

Playing all our forward options from the start also means there is nobody to bring off the bench to make a difference.
I think plain and simply Brendan we are going for the jugular from the start.


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Jones must be well out of favour and Sanders can't be quite ready yet. MA knows best though, he's got us to this point so until something goes wrong I can't be to unhappy with that line up.
Jones is less 'out of favour' than clearly has struggled to recover full fitness post-covid, and not alone in that. His time on the pitch on Tuesday he looked more like his old self, so hopefully will be more involved in forthcoming games.