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Match Thread: Mansfield Town v Lincoln City


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There was me thinking before a ball was kicked at the start of the season where a win would come from ! This explains a bit why the Oxford fans were saying last season , before our marginal defeat 0-6, that Appleton was a slow starter. He clearly is a very good coach and an eye, along with Jez George, for young talent who he can work with and improve. UTI.


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Even with many of the first team rested, everyone looked well versed in the MApp philosophy. Though some of the quality was (inevitably) not to the standards we’ve been seeing in the first team , it’s incredibly exciting go watch.

I’m interested to see how the Mansfield fans’ saw it, because the difference currently appears to be night and day. This is of course pleasing but perhaps best left for the other thread


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Tonight showed the fundamentals of the Appleton Project, a much changed side played on the same principles of teamwork, control, movement and support allied with supreme fitness which has characterised the season's start.

The coaching and organisation (apart from, ahem, corners) allowing different players to slot in without missing a beat needs to be caveated against poor opposition, but we thoroughly outclassed them.

And they aren't programmed automatons - the style of play relies on improvisation and creativity, the coaching extends to decision making as much as the technical aspects of the game and this young squad can surely only continue to improve. Fasten seatbelts...


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Five successive away wins, when did we last do that?

100% away from the start of a season after 5 games must be a club record?
We won 7 consecutive FL games away from home between 17 April 2006 and 23 September 2006. In the middle of this there were defeats in the play-off semi final and a Carling Cup, so doesn't cover all competitive games.

Graham Taylor's team won 8 competitive away games in a row from 21 October 1975 to 3 January 1976 (5 FL and 3 FA Cup).


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Wow - what a performance - especially the first half. Really highlighted the recruitment and work that MA and the team have done putting this squad together and developing their style of play when you look at the changes made to the team tonight. Even young Cann coming on at the end didn’t look out of place (I know he was only on for a few minutes but it was a great intro for him). Great to see Archibald & Soule. One thing it did highlight for me was the difference between the two teams and clubs. The players, the management, the board and they way they all operate to me showed how far we have come and are developing (& how far Mansfailed have gone in the other direction). When you also think back to the Bradford game it highlights the difference between L1 & L2 and shows that we are heading in the right direction. As MA would say, more work to be done and we’re nowhere near where he wants us to be, but as each week comes and goes I grow ever more hopeful that we can really achieve something amazing. Keep it coming MA and everyone at the club. 👏👏


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To think we pulled inside two players, predominantly who have played full back to centre half tonight both 17 & 20 - to nullify was superb. Added to the fact we had two makeshift full backs in Anderson and Edun plays dividend to the faith and understanding instilled by the manager.

In times where there is a financial black hole in football to secure an additional 10k in prize money to add to the 150k already secured in cup competitions, this is most welcome.