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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Swindon Town

Merthyr Imp

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Well, you could say a draw was a fair result but maybe that's looking at it optimistically. And yet we could have won it late on with a bit more steadiness in the Swindon penalty area two or three times.

On the other hand we often didn't look very convincing when Swindon were on the attack - usually after we'd given the ball away.

But, hopefully, the point gained may turn out in the end to be an important one.

Difficult to choose a man of the match as it would have to be whoever gave the ball away the least, but I wouldn't argue too much with the choice of Adam Jackson. He and Monstma did as well as anybody as did Hopper and McGrandles. Edun was certainly an improvement on Bramall but he wasn't faultless. It was unfortunate for Bramall that the best thing he did was ruined by Palmer. As for Palmer, he did at least make two good saves from free kicks which in the end preserved a point for us.

Watching it, I thought Rogers had no chance of scoring from there!

Some good words from Michael Appleton post-match.

Brendan Bradley

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There now, I feel better already. Hadn't looked at the table. 4pts in front of Hull who are third, and we've two games in hand on them.
Seven points in front of the 4th placed team on the same number of games. :giggle:(y)
That is a pleasant surprise.

It encouraged me to look at the table myself. It turns out that we have the 3rd best form in the last five games of any of the top 10 (9 points). Only Peterborough (15) and Sunderland (10) have better.


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scully also did very little that led to anything, don't leave him out.
i would say johnson would be playing up front if bridcutt was fit. it is a compromise, playing him in midfield.
just as playing grant in dcmf is also compromise that doesn't get the best out of grant.

eyoma has been sharper this season. so has jones. so has montsma. and only recently has palmer started making a few gaffs. it does look at least in part like the (mental?) effects of a high intensity playing style coupled with a high intensity fixture programme to me.
I think the problem is that to fill one gap (DCM) you are moving two of our most creative players and weakening their games. Better IMO to slot Sanders into DCM and leave Grant and Johnson where they're most effective.


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Glad to hear Appleton speaking like that. Reminded me of the Cowley "I know where I'm going" post match interview.
However, with a limited squad, I have no idea why we are resting Edun so much when he seems to be our fittest and best player over the past two months. Maybe I could understand it if Bramhall wasn't doing so poorly. Maybe, like Edun, he will come good but he plays at such a slow pace (despite his obvious speed) and we simply don't have the time to waste waiting for him to figure our style out.


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Interesting reaction from MA. Good to see. I would call it complacent rather than arrogance. Wasn’t enough strut in the team to be arrogant!
Good management from MAPP. He knows he has a fantastic group of young players who will run through brick walls.

He's a bit like a husky team leader. He's got a pack of loyal, talented charges that want to run all day and as a result will sometimes get over excited, tired or undisciplined.

He knows he just has to reign them in once in a while, get them back on track, focussed and re set the pace to that which is needed for the long haul.


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However, with a limited squad, I have no idea why we are resting Edun so much when he seems to be our fittest and best player over the past two months.
Hopefully giving him a break to recharge batteries to be at full blast for the rest of the season - starting on Saturday.


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Posh have won their last 5 games, and they haven't been that close. They seem to come alive in the 2nd half. I was surprised they beat Plymouth 3-0 away, as Plymouth haven't lost this year. Now we beat the Gills 3-0 away, and the following week Posh beat them 3-1. Would be nice if we repeated that, and beat Plymouth.
But, it will be a very difficult game, they will be smarting from the defeat, and like Wigan, will be trying to prove a point.
Posh have set the bar, it is up to us to reach and go above it.
I had a bad feeling about today, with all the Swindon chat at how hopeless they were, I thought "we're going to lose this", so was thankful for a point. We seem to always struggle against teams in the lower half for some reason. Is it arrogance that MA eluded to? Or something else.
I am probably the biggest pessimist on this forum, but should we win at Home Park, even I may just, JUST start believing.
You might wish to look at a follow-up comment I made, where I said disgraceful is perhaps harsh, but we were dreadful. We have gifted them a point, and that is not good enough.

The players have set the standard, and they were well below that standard tonight.
Lots of totally irrational comments on here tonight! For heavens sake lets keep a bit of perspective, it’s impossible for a team that’s only been put together this year to keep playing at the top of their game every match. Before jumping on the team because of a below par performance people should take into account a) the absence of several key players b) trying to integrate several new players c) that there are so many young players having their first taste of league football d) the number of players carrying injuries and needing a rest.
These things happen in football, look at Liverpool this season, get a grip!


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It was fortunate that Swindon, after scoring their early goal, didn't park the bus and hang on for the win. By playing in such an open manner as they did it gave us a chance to get into the game and salvage something. It will be a busy week for the coaching staff to get us up to speed for Plymouth.