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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Swindon Town


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Struggling all over the pitch. Really sloppy passing. We're doing everything slowly. Palmer is getting too cocky with the ball, to do that straight on the back of the last home game is really poor.

Need to really up the tempo and be far more precise in possession. Doesn't feel like we're likely to pull this around at the moment.
Not sure its cockiness.. i think he has lost a bit of confidence with his kicking and has effected his clarity of thought.

Merthyr Imp

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First goal down to Eyoma, but even then when the ball came across we were just standing about.

Equaliser was against the run of play - seemed a clear penalty though.

After that, I was thinking we needed to keep it to 1-1 at half time, but you could just see us presenting them with another goal they way things were going...

Scully not done much except put the ball over the bar.
Shocking half, passing is pathetic, too many fancy flicks and no substance in the tackles. All the midfield hopeless can't keep the ball can't pass and give too may free kicks away. Montana and Jackson both having a bad game. Not sure Grant is a leader on the field, somebody needs to be geeing them up. Come on lads get it together Swindon are there for the taking.


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A rocket from Appleton will be delivered. The arrogance of messing about at the back needs to be sorted out for good. There are times to pass it around and times to leather the ball as far as possible away from our goal. Frustrating. At least we have a full half to redeem ourselves.
To be fair, this season the decision making on 'messing about' or clearing long has been pretty good and all the players comfortable with it. But it can fo weing and when it does, it looks stupid.

But they'll carry on as it works most of the time.


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Switched off for the first when everybody wrongly thought it was going out.
Too casual in possession in the midfield and getting caught with players up the pitch which has led to some very uncomfortable moments.
Third goal was an individual brain storm.

Right lads, just stop, calm down, care for the ball and cut out the Hollywood and forced stuff.

Move the ball simply and quickly, don't over complicate things. Think of MAPP's traffic lights system to passing.

Do the basics well, stop the daft mistakes and Swindon are no great shakes.


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WTF. Shocking. Not much more to be said. Concerning that nearly every game is the same, we’re slow to start. Whatever MA says at half-time, can’t he try before the match starts?