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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Oxford United


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The result today is what the result is- not much to dissect on some ways.

Thought we'd almost lost the crowd around 50-60 minutes but then everyone started to realise the match was now about the players, the club and the future and started to sing again- created the best league atmosphere so far this season.

It is so difficult to single out players in that kind of game but we sat so deep and invited Oxford to come at us. Even as half time though I don't think they had more than two chances on goal and scored them both. Was hoping for a Rochdale revival.

What I will say, as an observation not a criticism, is some players seemed to take the warm ups today in a very light hearted way. That simply wouldn't have happened with a manager present to make sure the discipline was present.

Anyway, we lost 6-0. I can''t think I have seen us lose too many times like that at home (Barnet does spring to mind).

What do I see Appleton doing?

Would not be surprised IF we saw changes this Friday at the seaside
Just got back home after a very bad day at the office, not read this thread so apologies if I repeat other comments. Lack of leadership on and off the pitch (again) but just shows that in this league if you are not 'on it' you get punished. Thought Vickers was poor but so was what was in front of him. To be fair Oxford looked a very good side.

My biggest worry was seeing our players arguing amongst themselves. Particularly after the 4th goal, Eardley went nuts at the lack of tracking back on the other side of the field and as a senior pro should be listened to (I'm in row B in the Co-op so heard it), all he got back was Grant acting like a spoilt child who had been told off and kept on and on and on bakchatting.....and seemed to sulk for the rest of the half and offered nothing. A Mansfield supporter friend referred to him as a big time Charlie who goes missing when the going gets tough - if Appleton saw it then god help him.

It's wrong to single out players after a performance like that but Grants behaviour was unacceptable. Crowd were fantastic though and never stopped the support - move on lads and get back on track. UTI


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I was driving home from the boy’s handball training rueing the fact that I could only listen on the radio and was told when I got home that I had to tidy the garage. I hate clearing the garage, but all the summer stuff needed putting away. Looks like I had the most productive and least miserable afternoon of everyone.

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How good are we, really? The answer lies somewhere between the brilliance of the Southend demolition and the embarrassment of today's capitulation. I think we all knew that we were punching above our weight when we sat in an automatic promotion place after the first few games, but we also knew that we were capable of giving anyone a game. After today, I think anyone would want to give us a game.

It makes you wonder if the Cowleys looked at our team, and saw what we've seen in these last few games: that even when they were being pushed to the limits of their ability, this group of players will need several years and significant investment before we can even think about taking the next step.

At least Appleton has seen us at our very worst. He has seen every weakness that we have to offer. Six days will not be enough to fix those problems - and we have an untimely run of difficult fixtures ahead - but hopefully he has some idea of where to start.
Spot on I think the Cowleys saw we had reached our limit big task ahead for MA a real eye opener for him today.


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Just got back .Crikey that was up there with some of the worst .Imps Fans were awesome though .Oxford had a good contingent but were very quite .Oh well ,crack on Appleton .


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Let’s hope Huddersfield get stuffed 7:0 tomorrow as the Cowleys caused that result. They should have gone in the summer they have shattered that team.

Luckily we have a capable man coming in to pick up the pieces.

The sooner O’Connor and Bostwick come back and they drop the kids the better.

I think until we get the confidence back it should be

Toffolo shackle Bolger eardley
Andrade Bostwick O’Connor Anderson

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Spot on I think the Cowleys saw we had reached our limit big task ahead for MA a real eye opener for him today.
Yes said this after they’d left
They quickly realised L1 is very footballing
Every team we’ve played so far are very competitive and comfortable with passing football ,we’ve tried to turn ourselves into a pressing attacking side against teams who are more than complete at ignoring the press with a switch of play across the pitch