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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Mansfield Town


Vital Reserves Team
Damn... but a good game. We definitely shaded it, their equaliser was a vey good strike. Dont think any city players had a bad game.


Vital Football Hero
a bit deflating having got into such a great position .

10 minutes is too long for trying to run the clock down, and surrendering the initiative.
three chances to clear before the goal.

credit their fella, took the goal very well. and we won't be playing opposition like rose, khan, elsnick every week.

good second half up to that point from the imps. and brilliant atmosphere. onwards and uti.


Vital 1st Team Regular
That stings. We played so well second half and definitely deserved to win. The defence was terrific. Usually it's us getting the late equaliser/winner but today the boot's on the other foot. Hope we can use that second half performance to push on and win on Tuesday.