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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Manchester City U21s


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Northern Group Winners:
Man Utd or Salford (Man U need to avoid defeat at Morecambe tomorrow night)
Port Vale
Man City (is it allowed to draw team from your group?)
We can't draw Man City in the next round but all others are very much there for us. next round is 3 weeks tonight


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Harry Anderson scores his 30th goal for the Imps, the 68th player to do that in the club's history.

That is his fourth goal in the EFL Trophy - only three players have now scored more in that competition:
Lee Thorpe 7
Matt Green 6
Gordon Hobson 5
David Johnson 4
Harry Anderson 4


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2 questions before beddie-byes

1. If we drew Man Utd ( assuming they win their group tomorrow) would that game revert to a home match for us?

2. Anyone got any idea if last seasons final has a fixed date to play yet?

Norfolk Imp

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Well, Norfolk Blue must be gutted. His first team just got gubbed by the Mighty Imps!
Not in the slightest Notty, I enjoyed the game .... both sides gave good accounts of themselves, the only negative being the card happy Ref.
Only Braaf and Bernabe were 1st choice (relatively speaking) as 12 players were away on International duty at this level, but that in no way diminishes The Imps performance especially in the 2nd half.

I thought Eyoma and Roughan were outstanding, and easily the equal of their opponents taking age into account. Gotts looks a right player, and Harry .... well he is just Harry, what a season he is having :clap::clap: