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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Burton Albion


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Yelllow card counts:

10: Morrell
7: Bolger
5: Eardley
4: Bridcutt, Hesketh
3: Bostwick
2: Coventry, Grant, Hopper, Melbourne
1: Anderson, Chapman, Edun, John-Jules, Payne, Pett, Vickers
0: Andrew, Elbouzedi, Eyoma, Frecklington, Hinds, Lewis, Scully

Cut-off for ten yellows (a two-match ban) is the 37th league game, currently scheduled to be the home game against Coventry on 21 March. That is three games, meaning that only Bolger can now pick up a suspension.

The final cut-off is the end of the season: 15 yellows before then will incur a three-match ban. With ten games remaining, only Morrell and Bolger can fall into that category, and Bolger would only miss the final two games. Suspensions are only carried over to the following season for a red card.
Looking forward to today. Good to have a game again.
Expecting us to be better after the extended break and chance to work on a few things.
Remember Sheehan being a good LB. Would expect him to play there today although seems he has been CB more often that not recently.
Going down really early to make sure I get as many of the toilet rolls as I can before anyone else


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Afternoon all, time to join the match day thread. Given up on trying to fix the Frunk cable on my 27 year old car suck bolts, so will let the WD40 soak in and try again tomorrow if its doesn't rain.


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Bit disappointed Lewis not getting a run on R of midfield instead of Coventry but MA knows best. Bolger sacrificed again.
4-4-2 or 4-3-1-2