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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Bristol Rovers


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Let's move on quickly from that. Will be a test with a tough game next week. Disappointed but not disheartened. Not many stand out performances but Montsma looked assured if a little over enthusiastic on occasions so he'll get my MOM. A few players not at the very high standards of earlier games but that's going to happen


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Frustrating; too many loose passes when not under pressure; poor crosses. Shot ourselves in the foot several times with an assist from the ref on a couple of incidents for good measure. Hopper got a muscle injury? Basically we made hard work of the match and hard work for ourselves. More a case of us defeating ourselves than Rovers beating us.

Bristol Rovers defended well I'll give them that.

After all that though it's important to play against a savvy team like Bristol and unpick the mistakes for when we play other physical sides some of whom will also sit in. Should be better for the experience.

I still think over a season our strengths will take us further than Bristol's limitations so suck it up and move on. Fleetwood becomes a really fascinating test now.


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Well done to Rovers. They deserved that. Disciplined and fought for every ball like their lives depended on it. We simply weren’t at the races today with some wasteful passing, especially from Edun. Once they got the lead they just packed the defence and cleared every ball that came in. We just didn’t have the imagination to try something different. Oh well, at least it’s got the monkey off our backs that we topped the league and had a 100% record. Now they can relax and play football again. Funny - been difficult to pick a MoM in the first few games because several players have played well- today you couldn’t pick one because non-one played really well, or just that the whole team was nullified. Rovers were also as fit as us. Finally, the officials were awful - end of.
On to Fleetwood. Up the Imps.
Couldn't have put it better.:clap:


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oh dear. 100% record gone. Bristol Rovers looked like they were well drilled and organised in defence. Had we not conceded that 1st goal we would have won the game. We struggled to break them down after that. I felt our 1st touch was iffy today. We needed 2 or 3 touches and Bristol marked us tightly, so we didnt have much time on the ball.


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Don't think he was worse than others. He was always willing going forward, tho final passes weren't successful, and Bridcutt didn't exactly shine today in distribution, which is what we needed in midfield
Thommo picked Edun out as giving the ball away too much... but i only noticed he did it twice. I also Didnt think he was any worse than most.


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Exactly the type of game to show why Grant should be allowed to float around and get on the ball. No crispness to our game, they did a job on us and deserve the 3 points.
Jackson needs shooting, 2nd yellow for an experienced central defender on the edge of the opposition box. Shocker!


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A lot of players gave the ball away several times when not under pressure; certainly not just Edun. As a result we never got going so even though we had 70% possession it was disjointed and lacking in creativity.

On the rare occasions we looked like we might get some flow Bristol were alert enough to stop the game and break up any possibility of some momentum.


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we had plenty of the ball in the last 30 mins, even with ten. then even without hopper we had plenty of the ball around the box, but were looking only to get crosses in. we were unlikely to score from a cross in that situation. if we were not going to put monster up front, i wonder why we didn't try shots from the edge of the box - you want grant and jones to be going for that as an option.
on the bright side - 7 wins and a draw from the first ten. uti