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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Bowers & Pitsea

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One more positive - the act of Remembrance
Negative getting tired of us not filling subs bench embarrassing they had more fit and available players than us.


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Back home after yet another diversion based journey...

You know some will look at a 1-0 win and think that should have been more. Goal wise probably but performance wise that was absolutely fine. Most of the players did what was required of them and played pretty well. Bowers were as I expected both committed and physical and they certainly put up a decent fight, even if a couple of their tackles could so very easily have resulted in injuries to our players if they hadn't been cute enough to get out of the way. The one in the first half by their right back on Bishop could have been a leg breaker if Bishop hadn't been good enough to get out of the way.

But overall well done to Bowers for giving us a game and well done to the City youngsters for standing up to it and coming through the tie.

Some very good positives in the performances of Sanders Long and Draper. Freddie will get his first goal very soon and really could be a big player for us for a few seasons to come. Very impressed by him so far. Sanders MOM for me even before his goal. Wanted to play forward all the time.


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It must of been 80% possession especially in the second. Bowers can be proud of their resilience. We were the only team going to win, but quite often masters of our own downfall,

Being honest if we had last years forward line, the game would have been over within 20 minutes. January will be a decent window to hopefully address the lack of quality in the final third.

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In a Scottish cottage enjoying a decent French red.

What about you? Enjoying some weird Dutch liquer?
That’s due in next week with some other supplies. Fingers crossed we can make that trip soon to see family.

Edit: Restrictions are back in NL and rates high.


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I probably felt like numerous fans across the land watching their "bigger" team come up against lower league and control the game but struggle to take the game by the scruff of the neck- MK Dons, Sunderland, Pompey, Ipswich, Wimbledon, Wycombe, Cambridge, Wigan and the Imps. All failed to stamp their mark on the game although most managed a tight win or draw (except Sunderland:loser:).

1st half, after first 15 mins when we looked like overwhelming them, we slowed the game down, took too many touches (like Arsenal used to be accused of.....we can be like Arsenal under Wenger, only not quite as good). They did hit the bar with their best chance though.

2nd half was better. We were snappier, faster, and smarter although we also made some frustrating unforced errors- their keeper pulled off some worldies- Draper came on in 50th minute and looked like he was born to play. He will be a cracking player if he carries on- more importantly, MA seems to like him a lot which gives him a chance before Jan of some good game time.

1-0 against a team who train once a week and set up to hussle, defend and disrupt and it worked.

Took my youngest (sadly a Man Utd fan) to the game and he enjoyed it although his observation of the whole game was "it wasn't that great a game".

If we can't get a home game next round, give me Harrogate away or some other pleasant away day.

Finally we had (in my calculations) one of the top 5 FA cup attendances today which is great- almost 6k which was a surprise. Wasn't expecting that many.
You missed Grimsby out in the first paragraph


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Back home after waiting for a ship to cross the road, Sutton Bridge.

Frustrating afternoon , good first ten but couldn't get the break through, they had a couple of decent attempts but they really came for a draw from the first minute . One of those games where their keeper was made to look good by our poor finishing and rushed play. Opened up more when they tired and especially after our goal, deserved win but we made hard work of it. Our forward line is not full of goals is it ! Draper made a difference and always looked likely. The other lot did not disgrace themselves. Decent gate, good to see so many children there.


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Just what is their keeper doing playing at that level, could easily play higher on that performance. Their team were staying at Mill Lodge and walked down Canwick Hill to SB !! Good opposition support, think they had a decent day, well almost !


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Haven’t seen the game and can only go by the Hortin/Thommo commentary (who couldn’t make up their minds on the name of the team we were playing - if it was meant to be funny - which I don’t think it was - it was a disservice to Bowers and Pitsea and is yet another example of the depths to which the radio Lincs commentary has sunk). Wasn’t a brilliant result but we avoided the banana skin and are in the second round draw, which is all we could ask for - and better than some teams 🤔. Well done to Sam Long for what sounded like a couple of excellent saves which spared our blushes, and keeping a clean sheet, again. Another good performance from Maguire from what I heard.
So I presume this will mean Griffiths won’t be allowed to play by WBA in the second round game? The other thought which occurred to me - despite the negative comments was - how many of our key first team regulars were missing from the team. No Poole, Jackson, Walsh, Bridcutt, Scully, Robson (on the bench?). who I think would have made a big difference to the overall balance of the side yesterday, maybe. Well done Imps, and to the 6,000 that attended. Finally, a great gesture by the club to give the profits of the game to Bowers and Pitsea - excellent 👏👏


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Upgraded to Legends Lounge for the game just to see what it was like. Extra £5 for the seat covers, private bar and pristine clean toilets made it worth it. No atmosphere though, as few others in that area, Jules and Salford excepted.

First ten minutes and it was a question of how many would we score. After that our build up became slower and slower with no players seemingly willing to run hard at the opposition. Remainder of first half and start of second were frustrating: incredibly poor first touches, lack of pace, wayward passing. Thought was that a set piece might sort things in their favour! They hit the bar, Draper bolstered the attack and we woke up a bit. A clean sheet and a first goal for Sanders were the reward and highlight of the performance. Much of the time it was pretty tedious but at least we went through.

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Was thinking how would yesterdays team fare against

bbh 11

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From a personal perspective I find this astonishing, our club are desperately trying to raise funds for the new Stacey West development, people put earlier on, that they would buy a ticket to give the club a tenner, even if they weren’t going to attend, and according to this they have given another club this hard earned money. A couple of the challenges yesterday could of put Bishop and Bramall out for the season.

If we were buying and selling players for millions I would totally agree with it, but when the club is asking fans to buy bonds and do fundraising, I don’t get it.
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