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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Blackpool

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A great second half performance. That could be the most crucial point all season. At 2-0 down, it could have all fallen apart with the bad run continuing. However, to bounce back to 2-2, against a very good side, was excellent. Lincoln now need to make this count with a win against MK Dons on Tuesday, if we are realistic play-off contenders. If Grant and Bridcutt could be in the side for the play-offs then who knows where we could end up. UTI

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It's often entertaining to read through these match threads after the game is over as I do, rather then keep up with them during the game (can't do that and watch it as well). But I must admit at 2-0 down and the way we were playing I couldn't see us getting anything out of the game.

It would take too long to list all the players who had disappointing games (which would have included Johnson apart from his goal), but man of the match for me was Scully. Palmer kept the score down in the first half, and I don't think Montsma did much wrong in the first half or Eyoma in the second. It's unfashionable to say so, but of those who played 90 minutes I thought Bramall did as well as anybody.

If I was a Blackpool supporter I wouldn't be very happy with not winning the game, which on balance of play they deserved to, but both our goals were cracking finishes - especially from Johnson's 'wrong' foot.

In the circumstances it was an excellent result from a largely rusty-looking team.
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We should stop writing off January signings in the same season. Feel free to write them off next season but give them a break until they've had a pre-season with us and the rest of the team they're supposed to slot into has been assembled.

Some may have issues with MAs selection or by definition if you really think the players are talentless robbers of a wage the recruitment team - maybe that's who should be criticised if you really feel that way.