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Match Thread: Lincoln City v Accrington Stanley


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Ta, its good to be proved that ones memory is still functioning reasonably well.

In hindsight that Palace team underachieved, it had absolute quality throughout. The mantle the press put on them as the "Liverpool of the '80s" obviously weighed heavily on them. It looks like Peter Taylor had left them at that stage - I recall he was the 1st player from the English 3rd tier of football to gain an international cap for England in an absolute epoch.
Taylor went to spurs in 1976, not long after he got capped for England.


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We have been locked in with our other halves all year now, if you rely on one day to make amends then something isn’t right.

Anyway more importantly, let’s make it count tonight and get the 3pts. Then if you can still get your leg over afterwards, think of it as bonus points.
If you get your leg over that’s a foul and possibly a yellow card, depending on how much intent is involved 🤔🤣😂


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Agreed .Valentines day Christmas ,Easter, Halloween. The original origin is long lost to financial marketing . .Resist the pressure to conform and free yourself from the yolk of capitalism. There were people queing out side M&S Tritton road today .I can only guess it was to purchase those meals for two .Why queue in the blistering cold ?Why fall the marketing trap? The pressure for people to conform to these pressures leads to relationship issues and debt due to commerrcial expectations .It's Bell shit.
Spot on !!
And I absolutely hate supermarkets filling up shelves with the next marketing date's guff three months before it comes along.
I've seen Tesco with a Christmas tree in the entrance way in September, creme eggs appearing before Hogmanay has been and gone. It's all one big con.
And I turned around and exited that Tesco after telling them why (politely I should add, but in my best disgruntled voice).